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What does physiotherapy for children look like? First, we will discuss your concerns about your child’s physical abilities, observe how your child moves, determine what they can do and figure out why some activities are difficult. I may also assess how your child’s muscles feel (muscle tone), your child’s balance (postural reaction), coordination, motor skills as well as function.

Added:Family Support operates under a family-centered (parents/family make all decisions) and multi-disciplinary approach. Family support is provided regularly or intermittently through various streams of communication (text, phone call, email, Facebook messaging or private visits). Visits can be in the family’s home, at the centre or in the community.

A Physiotherapy plan may include but is not limited to:

  • Assessment and individual therapy
  • Teaching you ways to position and handle your child to help develop muscle control and improve movement.
  • Teaching you and your child activities to encourage independent movement.
  • Determining the need for specialized equipment including seating, walkers, standing frames as well as adapted recreation equipment.
  • Assisting your child to participate fully in family and community life.

My goal is to help children develop their movement skills to the best of their abilities and to have fun doing so!