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Reach For Sunbeam – MY-AY

The Community LINK Program supports students who are experiencing social, emotional, and behavioural issues which may be interfering with their success in school, home or in the community. The Community LINK Program is a program that works in partnership with the school system, student’s families and community agencies to provide integrated, evidence based support services for those students.

Nechako & Kildala Elementary Schools

In order to access LINK support services at the elementary school level, the school principle and/or the school based team identify “vulnerable” students. Once these children are identified, consent is given from the parents/guardians for the LINK worker to work with their child. Once the initial consent is obtained, an intake process with the Community LINK worker and the parent/guardian is completed before support services begin. It is at this time parents feedback and suggestions are strongly encouraged to assist with developing the child’s goals/service planning for that year.

Mount Elizabeth Secondary School & Middle School

At the highschool and middle school level, access to Community LINK is a bit different, as age of consent for services is the age of 14. The majority of clients are self-referrals but school staff, parents, and community resources have also asked for services from Community LINK Workers as well. Community LINK at this level offers mostly one-on-one support to the clients and social groups. This year was challenging as the Middle School began its first year at MESS. This created a different type of support for the younger aged students. The daily social lunch group and “Thru the Cracks” lunch program which includes local supermarkets donation of food distributed throughout hte community for those in need was a great opportunity for students to get involved in the LINK program.

For more info contact Cheryl at 250 632-3144 ext. 203