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Immigration Support

Currently this program is focused on growing our Immigration Settlement Services within Kitimat. This program is intended to build and maintain positive and collaborative contractor and community relationships including all cultural associations and groups in our community. Working together with these community partners, and through the demonstration of a unique blend of business savvy and social service understanding, Welcoming Communities will strive to define service gaps and exploring present and future opportunities for Newcomers to Canada.

Welcoming Communities has a drop in centre available 4 days a week to Newcomers where they can access settlement services on a case by case basis or in group settings. Welcoming Communities provides needs assessment and help in many areas of settlement including but not limited to;

School Integration Programs

School availability and Information

Daycare/Preschool Information

Playgroup Information

Health Care Availability

Dental Care Availability

Cultural Events

Welcoming Communities Dinner’s

Counseling Centre Information

Cultural Information

ESL Information

Post Secondary Information

Provincial Program Information

Federal Program Information

Children/Youth Support Groups

Opportunity to Meet Others Mentorship

Opportunities Volunteer

Opportunities Cultural laws Information

Faith Organization Information

Service Club Information

Employment Opportunities

Community Calendars & Events

Immigration Assistance

Citizenship Test Assistance

For more info contact Brigit Manninen at 250 632-3144 ex. 219